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Stirling Primary is known for its outstanding academic standards. These are regularly evaluated by means of extensive and varied participation in national and regional language and mathematics Olympiads. Academic achievements and progress are encouraged and recognised through classroom reward systems and quarterly award ceremonies.

The curriculum is continually and critically refined to ensure ongoing excellence, whilst the inherent enjoyment of learning is purposefully cultivated by an energetic, enthusiastic, well-qualified corps of educators.

The need for mathematical skills and knowledge is recognised worldwide. For this reason, Stirling Primary has a highly effective Gifted Mathematicians programme, which is designed to identify, encourage, challenge and accelerate our mathematically gifted children.

The curriculum is designed to produce individuals who are able to enter their high school years with the necessary knowledge, skills and values. The pupils move from a very exciting, strong Foundation Phase where the love for learning is initiated, into the Intermediate Phase where their early learning experiences are further developed and finally to the Senior Phase, where they are prepared for High School.

Our school works closely with Stirling High School, where most of our pupils complete their education.

Stirling Primary is a leader in the field of ICT. Our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of teaching in a digital age, is balanced by the intentional and appropriate use of digital tools. This is reflected in:

Our ongoing investment in well-equipped ICT Centres, each specifically manned by a highly capable and motivated ICT teacher;

Our 1:1 iPad program from Grade 4 to Grade 7 ensures each child has their own iPad for their exclusive use

The installation of a wireless network throughout our campus, incorporating fibre-optic broadband, enabling any teacher to access the Internet and local intranet from within any venue in the school;

The utilisation of a very effective, internationally recognised peer coaching programme for the ongoing training of our teachers;

The use of interactive whiteboards in each classroom, in every grade;

The purchase of appropriate software which is utilised for ICT integration across the curriculum;

Lessons, programmes and projects are developed and utilised to develop research capabilities and 21st century skills.

Coding and robotics are part of the curriculum and are taught from as early as Grade 1

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