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Why Choose Stirling Primary?

We aim to provide a challenging and stimulating environment where every child, parent and teacher feels accepted, has purpose and is equipped to achieve their full potential.

Educating the head, heart and hands of every child

– a firm foundation for the future!

Stirling Primary School is a vibrant, co-educational institution. The guardians of our school, who govern and teach here, are acutely aware that it only exists for, and because of, its pupils. Our purpose and primary aim is to effectively develop and equip children for life. Prestige and acclaim are secondary.

We create opportunities for our pupils to discover where their strengths lie, what they enjoy and the satisfaction of experiencing the fruits of diligent effort. Each child needs to learn what skills he or she needs to develop into a caring, responsible, creative member of society.

We have high expectations for our pupils, parents and staff and we work hard to provide the support needed to meet those expectations.

The school is blessed with a highly motivated, caring team of teachers who go beyond the call of duty to provide the optimum levels of learning. Every existing programme and new project seeks to enhance and expand the educational opportunities of every child.

There is, therefore, continual improvement and development of the excellent facilities and resources that we are so privileged to have.

Expectations and Support

We believe that children rise to the expectations that significant people in their lives have for them. It is, therefore, imperative that all of the key figures in each child’s life share high expectations for them. These expectations are healthy when they are formulated in the child’s best interests – to equip them for a happy, productive future. Children achieve these high expectations in a supportive environment where these key people love and accept the child and are involved in all of the aspects of his or her life.

We have the following basic life expectations for each of our children:

  • A good work ethic

  • Effective work habits

  • Responsibility & accountability

  • Care + compassion for others

Positive Discipline

One of the support systems in the school is a policy of positive discipline where each child’s successes and good behaviour are celebrated publicly, whilst the anti-social, unkind behaviour is dealt with very firmly and quietly, protecting the child’s dignity.

Stirling Academics

Outstanding academic standards

Stirling Primary is known for its outstanding academic standards. These are regularly evaluated by means of extensive and varied participation in national and regional language and mathematics Olympiads.

Stirling Sports

Superb sports facilities & coaching

At Stirling Primary each child is encouraged to participate in the sports programme. We believe in the benefits of participating in competitive team and individual sport and in developing…

Stirling Culture

Extensive range of Creative Arts

At Stirling Primary the creative arts form an integral part of school life. Our children achieve success in regional, national and international competitions and eisteddfods each year.

Where happiness and excellence meet